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The moon is brighter since the barn burned.

Matsuo Basho

Still standing.


TV shows - Imgur

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Took a trip down to the seaside to check out the damage to Eastbourne Pier for myself. The metal frame was completely warped by the heat. Interesting how they stopped the fire spreading the length.


'A lot of love' by Ronya Galka

My tumblr blog has hit a bit of a milestone this evening and I would like to say a big thank you to every single one of my 10,013 followers here on tumblr.

Looks like there is a lot of love out there for London- the home of more than 8 million people, each with their own story, interwoven to make it one hell of a gloriously fascinating city… 


Keep up the great work Ronya, and thanks for keeping on sharing.

London Grafitti, from the delightful Phoenix Garden, St Giles Passage, WC2H

Centrepoint, London

The Tumble Pie Sunday Roast reblog.

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Whitley Bay metro, Newcastle, England

True knowledge and learning are never separated from goodness and kindness

Hunky Doory. The ancient and sun dappled door in the vintry garden, opening out of a paridisal refuge onto the cathedral’s concourse. Why would you want to let this secret out?