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I’m gonna see Roger live in São Paulo next month. Finally! I’m very anxious about it. I’m wondering wich songs he will play. I like all his songs, but I want him to play “Hide in Your Shell”. I think I’m gonna cry when he plays it, but, oh my God, it´s my favorite song!. It’s the most beuatiful song ever written. Well, I’d like to take a photo with Roger. May I dream about it??

The Tumble Pie Sunday Roast Reblog
Roger Hodgson is impressive. After all these years he seems still to love performing live, just for the sake just of giving pleasure to his fans. And this fan is spot on: Hide in Your Shell is right out of the top draw.

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… it gives me pleasure to remember how many detours I had to make, along how many walls I had to grope in the darkness of my ignorance until I found the door which lets in the light of truth …
Johannes Kepler

Here’s a knocking indeed! If a man were porter of hell-gate, he should have old turning the key.

Shakespeare, Macbeth

The streets of Lecce, cool in the shadows and bathed in the gentle breeze that runs through them.

The gateway to Lecce


Having a break.

The Tumble Pie Sunday Roast Reblog.

The road to Lecce

Specchia, a most charming little town in the heel of Puglia. Sleepy afternoons, vibrant evenings.

Always a great joy to hear one great artist describe their feelings towards the works and influence of another. This is no exception, two of my favorites.

Westfield, Shepherds Bush, London. A vast, shiny, homogeneous shrine to consumer excess. Soulless, but compellingly so.

I laugh with you. I have seen how miserably the Moon has tortured you …
Johannes Kepler

Grand Budapest Hotel? No, just the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne.