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The Tumble Pie Sunday Roast Re-blog. Is this wise, old car stalking out in the rye grass, watching those folk’s acomings and goings in the distance? And what are its intentions? Good? Bad? Just being nosy? Curious?

It’s like a scene from Stephen King’s mind.

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London Paddington train station.

London Paddington train station.

Frozen Yoghurt bus on the Southbank, London.

Barbon Close, opposite Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

The Jayhawks last night at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Wonderful, wise, imbued with dignity and a deep humanity.

Queen Elizabeth Hall, on the Southbank, River Thames, London.

Looks like some kind of boat has been marooned up there.


Dusted off the cobwebs from my old Washburn





Desert Realty Ed Freeman 

For John.

only the very best places for us, baby.

This country is somewhat terrifying sometimes.


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